Saturday, October 8, 2011

Wondering with Worries

It's amazing, break ups are in the air for a lot of my friends in committed relationships. It makes me worry, if they can't make it, who can? I am always worried Chris will decide he is better off without his family,and just up and leave me all alone. Or he decides he really can't stay with me after never dating more, sleeping with more than one person.

Eh, on a lighter not, alex is now 16 pounds, 24 inches tall, starting on solid feedings today. I got a few different types of rice cereals for him so hopefully he likes one of them. Once he get the hang of the rice i will be starting on making my own baby food for him.
I think it will be fun :)

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Grouchy grouchy GROUCHY!

Oh my lord, these kids will drive anyone insane I swear! Dannika's tantrums seem to be getting worse, and my happy-go-lucky baby boy Alex seems to finally be hitting a rough patch in his sunny demeanor. Dannika got sick from her daddy, then proceeded to get Alex sick as well, so now i have two coughing, rasping, runny-nosed children, one with a sour disposition. 

On the bright side, with Alex almost being 4 months old, i can start solid feeding soon, and I'm looking forward to that phase! I need to get him an activity center because he is just too big for his swing now. he learned how to scoot down and out of it and he's too long to buckle into it, with his little pumpkin head hanging off the top. So he straightens his body out over and over again until his butt is off thr swing and pushes with his feet to swing his upper body on the swing back and forth lol. he thinks it's funny but it worries me of course.
So since he can hold himself up well enough with aid of support, i thought an activity center would be great. He loves standing up on his own two legs so I think it will go well. I just have to get enough money for the one i would like.

Also, at the shelter they have set up for the flood victims, someone just had a baby girl. SO i will be giving them some baby stuff since she has nothing. I got a lot of help from people after I had Alex so i want to pay it forward too. I still have Alex's sleeper rocker for newborns and then the swing. I also put in some head supports, neutral clothing, shampoo and lotion, shoes, socks, postpartum belt, diapers and such into a large bag for the lady. She also has an older child so she is in the same spot i was in a couple of months ago, poor thing.

I still can't believe FEMA is copping out of taking care of responsibilities they gave themselves for people here. The FEMA housing is still being put off, day after day, week after week, with no explanation as thousands of people are still out of their homes. It seems as if this disaster zone is being forgotten, and it's not ok. I will post up some pics on here for the one or two people who actually read this blog lol.

on a lighter note, I have figured out what type of cake to make for Dannika's fourth birthday:

I found it on make it and love A great blog on many MANY awesome things from some creative people. I have been getting ideas from her site for a lot of different things now that i find myself having more time to do stuff during the day. It help me take my mind off of my husband working so damn much lately.