Saturday, May 19, 2012

Oooh I have not been here for awhile....

So, what's new with us here in ND? Weeeelllll, let's see here. I work at the gas station down the road, Alex turns one next month, Dannika starts school in August (very excited as well) and i have been helping Shannon with her two children while she works and vise versa. I talked her into applying where I have been working since April. She got the same job as i do, so it's awesome.
Anyways, here's some new pics of our life as of late!
Mr man, a healthy 26 pounds, 30 inches tall and a few weeks away form being a year old.
Miss Danni in her new dress from her grandma D
And ME with my hair done after my birthday, on a good girl day out. i didn't get any shopping done or anything but hey, it was fun. I love my new hair and i have been up keeping the color myself.