Thursday, October 2, 2014

A tutu for my princess

So my oldest decided to catch some weird version of the flu Sunday night. She was up four times that night, puking her little heart out, the poor thing. No momma bear enjoys her baby cub being sick.
Anyways, she was out of school two days and finally got got better Wednesday morning, so back to school my trooper went.
On Monday morning, I was trying hard to get a smile out of my pale girl so I decided to use some left over tulle I had packed away in the abyss that is her top closet shelf. I busted it out and made a way too big tutu, white and sparkly.
Now of course, there is glitter pretty much all over my house but it was fun and took only about two hours to complete.
Below I'll post pictures that I took along the way!!
 Now, the process, if you're not too familiar with it, is pretty simple. You need to measure how long you want the skirt or tutu to be and make strips of tulle TWICE that length and fold them in half.
 Then you make a loop in the top of the folded tulle strip and pull through the rest after you've tucked it under and behind whatever you're using for the waist band. Some people use ribbon to make it pretty and tied on, or elastic banding. I used a head band of hers which worked out for me who took on this project on a whim.
 After you pull the rest of the tulle through, you gently pull tight to make a knot similar looking to a men's neck tie. After you go all the way around, bunching them closely for maximum fullness, you're good to go!
Below is my finished project, before I trimmed up and evened out the bottom edges of course. I personally like the flowly, fairye look but I've been told it looks "unfinished". Ahem... Anyway, I did it, got it done and she loves it.

 My girl, all smiles and dressed up.
Now I have promised my kid to make an Elsa (Yes, from that damn Frozen movie we have seen 154,483 times) tutu dress.
You can look up Pintrest as well to get directions, with pics of course, for many adorable or fancy tutus!