Thursday, December 1, 2011

*My New Work today*

cute huh? ruffles galore, with a little cream fabric rose and a button for an accent.
I liked the way it turned out <3

So, what's been going lately with me, you might ask? I know no one reads this, but I like to imagine someone might eventually. And if not, oh well. 
Alex will be 6 months old in five days and he's already hitting 12 month clothes, of which I have NONE. So, now i have to go clothes shopping for him again haha. My mother got a sewing machine recently, so I have been having fun with it and some of my old clothes, as above, and I plan on mastering making pants for alex this way. I just need more thread and some elastic and then I'll be on my way AHAHA. So excited. And also, chris and will have been together for 7 YEARS come December 17th, so that's neat too.
Chris has been working nights this week so I have been sitting up looking up cute clothes tutorials for the kids and myself. So, Dannika just turned the big 4. it was a nice night, filled with her being spoiled with nice presents of course. I made a huge rainbow cake, turned out good :)
So, I guess that's about it for now. Toodles for Now!

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