Thursday, February 12, 2015

My Next Sign Order

So, I have another order in to do by the 20th of Febuary. Thankfully that more than enough time for one that will only take two days to do! I'm excited for this one, for it's simplicity yet homey feel it will have and bring to her apartment.
It will be a half wall sign, stacked boards totalling 11 in all. It will be on the larger side, but it will look just awesome. For this project, I'll be falling into the practice use of webbing. Now, my husband suggested using webbing, a thich fabric much like the straps on back packs. It's sturdy, can hold a decent amount of weight, and won't add to the over all weight of my sign much.
 That is a big appeal to me right there because some of my larger signs can get pretty heavy! This way, the customers can fold up the sign when moving them and also not have to sink anchors into their walls at home to hold up the larger signs.
I'll be posting pictures of the process once I start this one so others can see how I do them!

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