Sunday, February 26, 2012

Boundaries People!!

Seriously, where has all of the men's boundaries gone? If you are married, you shouldn't be flirting or talking to other women in a sexual and inappropriate manner. that's just the way it is...
If you wanted the freedom to do so, you should not have gotten married. Maybe that's old fashioned way of thinking but obviously I believe in there being a line you don't cross. It's not ok to talk to other women about their sex life if you don't know them well, or talk about how "hot" you think they's just weird and awkward. So STOP IT MORON.
I am going through this problem with a new acquaintanceship myself on Facebook. And I have had to have the talk with him, explaining that if you think your wife wouldn't like to see you saying these things, that mwans you shouldn't be in the first place. Knock it off

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