Friday, August 19, 2011

First Post, yay Me

So, this is my new blog. i will be posting to it whenever something happens with me or the kiddos that I think might be interesting or post-worthy. I have two kids: My first is Dannika, and she will be four in the end of November. My newest addition is our son, Alexander. He is now 2 1/2 months old and a delight most of the time. I am making this blog so I can have somewhere to put down all my thoughts of agony, hilarity, love and boredom that I will be going through as a mother of two. I will post pictures, tell tales and make random comments on some things I will find about mothering.

So, first story I have to share:
My tubal ligation. I was supposed to have a spinal procedure, so i would be heavily drugged but awake during the surgery. But then they found out they couldn't do it that way with what i was having done so i was put all the way under. I didn't find this out until they wheeled me into the freezing cold operation room. the room was filled with students, nurses and three doctors. It was frightening to see random tools and shiny silver bowls like you see on TV but they were right. I was awake one minute, scooting on the middle of the table like they asked and then the next minute I was talking to the recovery nurse and asking her if she took my pony tail out of my hair because my hair was down. She went on to tell me that I did it myself after I first woke up and I couldn't help but laugh because I couldn't remember one thing. They didn't even have me do that counting to 100 thing.

So now, I am home, recovering from the surgery. I have left over gas bubbles in my body from the tubal so I spend most of my day trying not to breathe too deeply and moving slowly. thankfully my mom and husband are taking care of the kids for me. I can make bottles for Alex when he's hungry but that's about it. I cannot breastfeed him while I am on my medication so now he is formula fed for the next few days. But I am continuing to pump to keep my breast milk up.

So about my kiddies:

*Alex is growing fast, my little chunky monkey I call him. He's close to 11 pounds now and wearing 3 month clothing mostly. He has lighter hair for now, more like mine than Chris's dark brown that Dannika got. His eyes are blue, like mine also but everything else yells CHRIS. His ears point a little bit while they stick out just like his. I think it looks really cute :)

*Dannika is almost 4 years old, stubborn and has brown hair and bright blue eyes like crystal water. The first thing people say about her is how pretty her eyes are. I would agree, I love her eyes and am slightly envious ha ha. The next big event for us will be her birthday, which i am looking forward to. It will be just my parents and us but will still be fun I think.

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