Saturday, August 20, 2011

The healing process

Well, today is day three post surgery. I'm healing up well I think. The pain isn't too awful but being hit doesn't feel too good lol. I hopefully will be off the pain meds tomorrow if i can stand the sting without them. I would like to go back to breastfeeding Alex again. I really miss it.
I stopped since I'm on percocet and it's not 100% safe for him while I am on it. I rather be safe than sorry of course.
I feel bad about slacking on my wife duties though. Thankfully Chris is being very understanding and not complaining about his dwindling sock supply or the dirty laundry pile in the laundry room. He has been very sweet lately, pretty out of the normal but appreciated. I did one load of laundry today though, after Chris carried the basket into the laundry room for me. I hope to take the last pain pill tomorrow and get the laundry all done while it lasts.
And for some reason my throat decided to swell and become sore since last night. I don't know if it's from the breathing tube or from maybe getting sick, but it hurts nonetheless.
Today Dannika has been pushing the limits with everyone here. She even made my father mad, which I haven't really seen before with her. She didn't like it much but hopefully she learns that her attitude is not ok and she can't just stomp around because she doesn't like being told what to do. I am told she is just like me when I was a child, which doesn't surprise me. I just hope she gets over her problem sooner rather than later. it's pretty frustrating.

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