Sunday, September 28, 2014

disaster in my kitchen!

Well, I attempted the mini cakes, donned petite fours. They're adorable and tasty so of course I figured I'd be victorious in my endeavor.
I was sadly mistaken. Oh boy, was I wrong.
First, you bake your cake.
Then you decide on the shape. I wanted the adorable little square ones so I could decorate them like present boxes bit my daughter won the battle. Anyway the only thing small and round I had was my blender plug-thingy. So I used that to basically punch holes in my 13/9 cake after it was cool.
See? Cute right?? That's what she thought. So after those were done, I sliced them in threes and fours to make them stackable and I could layer them with sweet, sweet buttercream frosting and raspberry filling. 
so cute
So I read that Candyquik, a hardening candy coating, would work well for these like cake pops and chocolate dipped strawberry. Once again, I was wrong. They were wrong...
Yep, that's me in all my PJ morning glory haha. My kid thought it'd be funny to snap my pic while I was cussing at these little bugger's...
Any who, the Camdyquik was sticky and not as smooth rolling as I hoped. It clumped up the sides and tops of my cute little cakes.
After doing more research, I discovered I should have made up a batch of poured fondant. Good to know!! 
And this is what we finished with:
So in conclusion, if you plan in taking this terrible adventure, make poured fondant, drink caffeine, and pray for patience!!

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