Friday, September 26, 2014

I'm Back again!


Well, I feel terrible. I have been away from this so long, I forgot I even HAD this blog! I was sitting here at home today, thinking that a blog would be a great idea to fill up my free time and posts on my random projects I under take.
So.....whats new?
Ok, so from a quick view of my last post, I was working at the local gas station still, my son was turning a year old and life was pretty normal.
A quick small points that have changed since then:
My son, Alex, is now a strong little man at three years old. 
My daughter, Danni, just started first grade. Yes, it hurts a little deep down inside ;).
I am now a full time stay at home mother. I partake in doing nails from my home as a huge hobby now. I can paint and shape whole cover nail sets that I sell also, through my Paypal account.
I also have a Facebook page for my nails called Nails by April that anyone can peruse at their leisure.

I also am planning on getting back up with my writing which I did pretty much non-stop throughout high school and after. i have four short stories already written, but they are under the genre of "erotica" so i shall not publicly share them unless I can have them published one day.

So, my plans for my blog now?
Sharing my every day experience with my children while I balance keeping my sanity. I will post my projects, whether it's my nail art or a sewing project, and post pictures or tutorials on anything that anyone might want to see!

Until tomorrow, see you later!

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